Raspbmc Set up.


It has been two weeks since I been working on my R-Pi. I had some great experience on setting up raspbmc. It was easy to install but I had some issues finding the r–pi in my network. I needed to install some addons and also share my pictures and movies.

I had to go back to my networking book after reinstalling raspbmc, but I yes after many attempts I finally saw the r-pi in the network and I was able to install all the add-ons that I wanted.

So far I haven’t had any problems using my r-pi. I wanted to have some experience with other people and I was able to take it to my family and show to them and they really like how it works. They wanted me to make one for them. So far I am having fun with this little device.

If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment.



Raspberry Pi B. – Raspbmc

ImageHands on RaspBerry Pi B.

I’m just like a little kid with a new toy. I bought myself a Raspberry Pi because I have so many pictures and videos of my family and I need something that will allow me to share this memories but I didn’t wanted all my family in my room especially in christmas. My little cousins they are very curios to touch anything that they see in my room. In my room I have many computers that I use some are just to test open source software and don’t like to them to touch my electronics.

I bought this card size computer and when it arrive it came just the board and no case that will protect this computer and I decided to create a Raspberry case. I got the idea online and I went and bought some wood and other materials to create this unique case.

If you have a question about this case let me know.

I did this case while I was waiting for other parts to come.

This rbp will serve me as media center. I will be able to stream media on my network. To avoid people going into my room this rbp will be in my living room where it will be connected to the TV.

The operating system that I am going to use is Raspbmc. I had read some really good feedbacks about this software at the moment I am waiting to arrive the power supply but the other cables already arrived. I’ll keep posted of how it goes.

1st Post

This is my first post which is only a preview what I will be taking. Most of the content on this blog I haven’t still created which now I only have a brainstorm of  things that I will publish in this blog. First time blogging and I don’t have no experience in how to use Word Press or to know how to blog, however; I started with something.